Burn injuries: Understand what they can mean in the long term

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As someone who has been badly burned in a collision, something that you may be wanting to find out is how soon you can expect to recover and how much you’ll be able to get back to normal. The truth is that every patient faces different risks, complications and effects from burns based on where they are and how deep they went.

Victims of serious burns may spend many weeks or months in a burn unit at a hospital because these injuries need close monitoring. A burn is an open wound, which means that it can become dangerously infected quickly. How long a patient stays in a burn ward depends on the percentage of their body that is burned and the depth of those burns. The recovery will also lengthen if the lungs or other organs were affected.

When you learn about your burns, you’ll be told if they are superficial, partial-thickness or full-thickness burns. Superficial are the least damaging, but full-thickness burns may damage you deeply, down through the muscles and bones.

You may know that there are three levels of burns that most people talk about, first, second and third. Did you know that fourth-degree burns exist, too? These can be life-threatening and destroy full sections of muscle, tissue and bones.

Burns can result in multiple complications, like infections, pain and other issues. If you’re hurt in this way, you need to seek compensation for what you’re going through. Good compensation can help you seek all the medical treatments you need and live comfortably financially as you go through this challenging time in your life.


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