Road Trip Safety Tips

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Whether you’re traveling to visit friends or family or just looking for a change of scenery and a getaway, going on a road trip is relaxing and fun, as long as you take the right safety measures. Safety is important, especially during long car trips and preparing correctly can help you and your loved ones avoid getting into an accident.


Like with many other things, preparation is key for a road trip. You’re probably thinking about packing the right clothes and snacks, but you might also want to think about preparing your car for the trip. Car preparation can include:

  • Getting your car checked and/or serviced before the trip — oil change, brake and battery check, new windshield wipers, tire inspection etc.
  • Mapping out your route in advance/familiarizing yourself with the route
  • Packing emergency essentials – flashlight, car chargers, maps, extra blankets/warm clothes, jumper cables, first aid kit etc.

Taking the right steps before you even leave your driveway can help keep you safe, along with practicing good driving habits while you’re on the road.

Road Safety Reminders

Being out on the road, especially on interstate highways can be dangerous. These safety tips can help you while driving long distances:

  • Take care around large commercial trucks – avoid blind spots and keep extra stopping distance
  • Avoid distractions like eating, drinking, texting and daydreaming
  • Consider switching drivers if you begin to get tired
  • Use cruise control when possible to avoid speeding

Following these guidelines can help you get to and from your destination safely, so you can enjoy your vacation.


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