Evidence needed after a truck accident

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Truck drivers throughout New Jersey all have a desire to stay safe. Unfortunately, accidents are all too common on the highway and may result in personal injury. It is important to have the right evidence after the accident to receive a claim for your injuries.

Police reports

The most obvious type of evidence to collect after a trucking accident is the police report. You can request this documentation for your records. An inspector will also look at the truck to determine if there were any mechanical malfunctions or concerns that may have caused the accident to occur.

First-hand evidence

Another source of evidence to collect after an accident is that from first-hand accounts. This can include photos of the wreck and of the damages. Witness statements and videos come into play here to give a more accurate account of exactly what happened.

Electronic logs

Another important piece of evidence is an electronic log. This includes how much driving a trucker does in one span of time without a break. If a person is driving without frequent enough breaks, they are an impaired driver.

Spoliation Letters

A lawyer who has experience handling truck accident cases may create a spoliation letter for your records. This will preserve evidence including:

  • Weigh station results
  • Electronic logs
  • Driver qualifications
  • Driving records
  • Employer instructions

This letter will hold any evidence you need for your claim. All documentation found here could be crucial to your case.

A personal injury after a truck accident is a common occurrence, and it may cause mounting medical bills and other losses. An experienced lawyer may help guide you through the entire personal injury claim process.


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