Could driving under the speed limit be dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Car Accidents

While most people in New Jersey understand that speeding increases the risk of accidents, they might not realize that driving too slowly can also be dangerous. People who drive under the speed limit and do not follow the traffic flow can cause collisions that potentially cause serious injuries or death. Slow driving can also result in traffic tickets for impeding traffic. Here are some dangers of driving too slowly.

Others have less time to stop

People who speed have reduced reaction times to come to a stop and avoid a collision. When someone drives too slowly, others around his or her vehicle might not have enough time to avoid colliding into the slow-moving vehicle. Speed limits are established for a reason. They are meant to provide a predictable speed for the flow of traffic. When a motorist comes upon someone who is driving well under the speed limit, the motorist will be forced to make sudden and unexpected adjustments, potentially resulting in a car accident with the slow-moving driver or someone else.

Impeding traffic and road rage

People who drive too slowly impede traffic, which alters the flow of traffic and can lead to road rage. While road rage is never appropriate, people who drive too slowly can cause other motorists to quickly lose patience and potentially react violently. People should never drive too slowly in the passing lane. Slower drivers should always stay in the right-hand lane and allow others to pass them.

All drivers should pay attention to the posted speed limits and adhere to them. If they are driving on an interstate, traveling with the flow of traffic can help to prevent accidents from happening.


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