How dangerous are work-related respiratory hazards?

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The workplace could be a dangerous environment, and some workers find themselves exposed to numerous hazards. New Jersey workers in factories and construction sites could fear slip-and-fall accidents and power tool mishaps, but they might take attention away from threats that might affect the respiratory system. Inhaling toxic fumes or chemicals could lead to an adverse reaction requiring immediate medical care.

Respiratory dangers in the workplace

Employees might find themselves in close proximity to gases and vapors. Someone working at a chemical plant may find it challenging to avoid getting near such respiratory hazards, which is why safety equipment becomes essential for many employees. Hopefully, management provides well-maintained equipment that does its job effectively.

Not all workplaces involve exposure or proximity to chemicals and fumes, but respiratory dangers may arise. A custodian might knock over a can of paint thinner and inhale fumes. Any environment could experience a fire, meaning workers might inhale smoke. When accidental mishaps occur, the worker could get caught by surprise. A school teacher wouldn’t wear protective equipment, but unexpected hazards may lead to respiratory illnesses. There could be other frightening examples of surprise dangers. Someone locked in a confined space may face oxygen deprivation.

Injuries and accidents resulting from respiratory issues

Anyone who suffers from respiratory problems might rush to the emergency room. An examination could reveal serious problems that require medical care and recuperation time.

Injuries might extend beyond problems inflicted on the lungs. A person could pass out from exposure to chemicals or fumes and suffering an injury upon hitting the ground. Severely broken bones could leave someone relying on worker’s compensation benefits for an extended period.

An injured employee will generally not need to prove fault in order to obtain benefits. Hopefully, the process will move along without any hurdles.


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