Construction workers can sustain injuries from moving objects

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Construction workers in New Jersey deserve to have the safest conditions possible while on the job. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen as a result of moving objects on construction sites. Serious injuries can occur that result in workers’ compensation claims being filed.

What falling objects can lead to construction accidents?

Construction workers often sustain injuries after being struck by an object on the site. An object such as a piece of machinery or equipment, or even something small falling from a distance from above, can be very serious. Large objects like lumber or steel beams from scaffolding can leave a worker suffering devastating injuries that can leave them temporarily or even permanently disabled.

Whatever the object falling onto a construction worker, the injuries can be severe. They might need to file for workers’ compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost wages if they have to miss time from work while recovering.

What kind of injuries can occur from falling objects on construction sites?

A construction worker who suffers injuries after being struck with falling objects on a worksite might want to immediately file for workers’ compensation benefits. Certain injuries are very common after accidents involving falling objects. A worker can suffer a head injury such as a concussion or in the worst-case scenario, even a traumatic brain injury. Neck and spinal injuries are also very common. All of these possible injuries can be serious enough that they end up being permanent and disabling

In rarer cases, a falling object can lead to a construction worker suffering eye injuries. If the individual is struck in the eye by a small object or debris, it can cause irritation or something much worse such as blindness or even the loss of an eye.


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