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What You Need to Know About the Laws Pertaining to Dog Bites

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You never want to experience dog bites in New Jersey or anywhere else. Sadly, these things can happen and you can be left with injuries as a result. The laws in this area are usually specific, but it’s important to know what happens after you are bitten by someone’s dog.

What’s the Difference Between the One-Bite Rule and Strict Liability?

There are two specific sets of laws pertaining to dog bites in the country. They include the following:

  • One-bite rule: The one-bite rule means that a dog owner does not have to be held responsible for dog bites caused by their pet if the dog has never previously bitten a person. However, after the dog has bitten someone one time, the owner is then liable for any injuries and damages the dog causes.
  • Strict liability: Strict liability means that it doesn’t matter if the dog had never bitten someone before. With this rule, even if the dog has always been calm and friendly in the past with no history of aggression, if they bite someone and cause injuries, the owner is automatically liable for the victim’s medical expenses and other damages. The only exceptions to this rule are if the person provoked the dog by taunting or teasing them or if they trespassed on the owner’s property.

What are the Dog Bite Laws in the State?

With New Jersey’s strict liability dog bite laws, the owner is liable for a victim’s injuries. It doesn’t matter whether the dog has a history of biting people or a history of not biting people or what the owner knew prior to the bite taking place. It also doesn’t matter if the bite occurred in a public place or somewhere the victim was lawfully allowed to be.

The dog’s owner is automatically liable for injuries caused by the dog even if they tried to restrain their pet or warned the victim.

Who Can Help You?

An attorney can help you if you suffered injuries from a dog bite. You are entitled to compensation for your damages, and your attorney will do what they can in hopes that you get a fair amount.

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