Chain-reaction crash injures 5 in New Jersey

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Are you a careful and conscientious driver? You might hope this diligence will keep you safe on the roads, but sadly this is not always the case. It only takes one negligent or distracted driver to trigger an incident affecting everyone on that stretch of road. It can happen to anyone, at any time, as became all too apparent to drivers in New Jersey after a single collision put five people in the hospital.

An ambulance en route to the scene of a road accident became embroiled in a crash of its own one afternoon in Lyndhurst. Although the cause is yet to be determined, it is thought that the incident occurred when a car collided with the ambulance. The force of the impact is said to have caused the ambulance to roll, passing more than one car before coming to rest on top of another parked nearby.

Among the injured were the driver suspected of colliding with the ambulance, two medical technicians and an elderly man and woman, aged 60 and 90 respectively. These latter two had been inside the car over which the ambulance had rolled. All five of these victims were taken to hospitals, although the extent of their injuries has not been reported.

It is fortunate that this crash saw no fatalities, especially given the advanced age of one of the victims. Nevertheless, the individuals involved in this crash may want to monitor their health carefully in the coming weeks in case they have sustained any lasting injuries. Some may also consider pursuing compensation once fault has been determined.

As a driver in New Jersey, or even a passenger, it is an alarming prospect that it could be so easy to become caught up in a multivehicle accident such as this one. Dealing with injuries and perhaps damage to your vehicle as well can be expensive. This is where an attorney may be of benefit, using his or her knowledge to guide you in seeking compensation, or getting the most out of a claim on your insurance.

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