1 dead, 2 injured in New Jersey crash

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A two-car accident that occurred in New Jersey on June 15 left one person dead and two others injured. According to the report, the crash took place at an intersection in East Windsor at 3:17 p.m.

Authorities stated that the 80-year-old male driver of a sedan stopped in order to attempt to make a turn. He reportedly failed to yield and made the turn directly into the path of an SUV that was being driven by a 23-year-old man. The SUV collided with the rear driver’s side of the sedan, causing serious damage to the sedan.

The driver of the sedan and a juvenile passenger were transported to a nearby hospital with unknown injuries. A 78-year-old female passenger in the same vehicle was transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton, where she later died. The driver of the SUV reportedly did not suffer serious injuries. At the time the car accident occurred, authorities reportedly issued a citation against the driver of the sedan, though it was noted that the crash was still under investigation.

While many car accidents are minor, others can result in serious injuries. These injuries, which could include traumatic brain injury, damage to internal organs or spinal injury, can potentially cause permanent disabilities. Someone who was injured in a crash that was caused by a reckless or negligent driver may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident in order to seek compensation for damages. In this particular case, for example, the driver of the SUV may be able to recover the cost of any medical bills associated with the crash.

Source: NJ.com, “Two-car crash in East Windsor kills 78-year-old Monroe woman, injures two others“, Steven Miller, June 16, 2014


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