Man killed after dump truck pushes car into lake

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A 59-year-old man was killed in a New Jersey crash when his car was shoved into a lake by a dump truck operated by a 38-year-old man. Police charged the younger man with death by auto and other offenses, and his bail was set at $250,000. He was hospitalized for unspecified injuries suffered in the accident.

The wreck took place while the deceased victim was waiting at a red light. Witnesses reported to police that the truck was being operated erratically at a high rate of speed when it struck the stopped car. The truck continued to move forward after the initial impact, shoving the car in excess of 200 feet as the vehicles passed through a park and toward a lake.

The truck finally landed atop the car in the lake, crushing the smaller vehicle. The deceased man’s body was recovered after a long effort by emergency workers to remove the dump truck from the water. An investigation into the crash was ongoing as of July 18.

A car accident involving a large industrial truck is likely to have devastating consequences for any occupants of a smaller vehicle. Businesses are generally expected to ensure that the drivers operating heavy vehicles are able and willing to use reasonable care on roads, and fatal accidents caused by negligent drivers may lead to civil suits in which an employer could also possibly be held as a defendant.

An investigation could reveal various factors that might implicate an employer to an extent in such a case. Signs that truck drivers were poorly trained could possibly be used as evidence in a case. Additionally, the company may else be considered negligent if it did not properly maintain the truck.

Source: Fox News , “Dump truck driver charged in fatal accident in which car wound up submerged in New Jersey lake“, July 18, 2014


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