Tractor-trailer crash kills father and son, 1 other

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An accident that occurred just near the New York border in Mahwah, New Jersey on June 24 left three men dead and three more with injuries. Two of the individuals who died in the truck accident were a 42-year-old father and his 22-year-old son who were both from Nyack.

According to police, the crash happened around 12:30 p.m. when a semi-truck on Interstate 287 side-swiped a cement truck that was parked along the shoulder of the northbound lanes. The driver of the cement truck, along with the father and son who were helping him repair the vehicle, were fatally injured in the crash.

After striking the cement truck, the tractor-trailer hit a silver Toyota Avalon, causing it to catch on fire. The male driver and his wife were able to get out of the car and were not seriously injured. However, their vehicle reportedly sustained heavy damage. The driver of the big rig suffered minor injuries. No charges have been filed by New Jersey State Police, and a trooper told the news source that the investigation will probably take several weeks to complete. The National Transportation Safety Board and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office are aiding state police.

After a fatal truck accident, the family of the decedent may want to pursue damages through a wrongful death suit. An attorney representing the family of a truck accident victim would seek evidence from police reports and eyewitness accounts to argue for a truck driver’s guilt in such a civil case. If the defendant was found guilty, the family would receive a monetary award for their financial losses that stemmed from the accident.

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