Accident victims cause impact from New Jersey across the U.S.

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In an effort to create public awareness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently published statistics about motor vehicle accident injuries in this country and the medical costs involved. The effect on the health care system and society as a whole is evident. National data shows more than 7,000 people each day or about 2.5 million per year are admitted to emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in a car accident. Almost 200,000 of those individuals were also hospitalized. The CDC would like to see more action aimed at reducing those numbers.

Following the fatal truck and limousine accident involving comedians James McNair and Tracy Morgan in June, driver fatigue was again brought to the forefront. Studies released the previous year compared drowsy drivers to drunk drivers and determined that the risk factor for causing injuries and fatalities are equal. After the accident that took the life of McNair and seriously injured Morgan, the Wal-Mart truck driver confessed to falling asleep at the wheel of his rig.

Another area of concern is the incidence of drug- and alcohol-impaired driving among teens and young adults across the nation. While the numbers of fatalities among the younger set have dropped over the years, the CDC reports that 1 in 10 of that age group will still drive impaired. Overall, alcohol related deaths cost the country over $50 billion a year.

When a car accident causes severe injuries or death, the victims may want to seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney. The process of obtaining investigative reports and dealing with insurance companies could be difficult. It may be helpful to discuss a motor vehicle accident with someone who understands the laws and could assist in filing civil action suits or negotiating settlements.

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