Even a puppy bite could lead to illness 

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If you are visiting a friend with a new puppy and get a bite, you might not think that it’s very serious. After all, the pet didn’t intend to harm you, and they’re still learning bite inhibition.

However, this is one case where you should talk to your friend about your intention to seek medical care. Even though a puppy’s bite might seem innocent, it can transmit the same kinds of diseases as you’d see with a large dog’s bite. The only real difference could be that the bite itself doesn’t seem as bad.

Puppy teeth are much sharper than adult dog teeth, however. As a result, it’s easier for them to puncture the skin. The puncture wound might not look bad on the surface, but there is a potential for that bite to become infected. 

If you’re bitten by a small dog, it may not bleed much or even be very painful. It’s still a good idea to inform your friend that you’ll be seeking a medical appointment and that you’d like them to cover the cost. If you don’t seek out medical help, there is the potential that you could see an infection develop in the puncture and spread. In a worst-case scenario, an untreated puncture wound could lead to serious illnesses developing, like tetanus or sepsis. 

It’s a good idea to go to the doctor early and to get on the antibiotics you need. If the other person won’t cover the cost of your care or your injury worsens due to an infection, then it may be a good idea to consider taking legal action.


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