How can you drive safely around trucks?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Trucks are a bit like the dangerous areas of town. You stay away from them when you can, and if you have to go near them, you know to take extra care. As a car driver, you are likely to come off worse in a collision with a semi-truck. So it pays to be careful around them.

These are some tips to reduce the risk of being in a truck accident:

  • Give them space: Trucks are the least agile vehicles on our roads. They take longer to change direction or stop than you do in your car. Allowing them extra room reduces the chance they collide with you.
  • Be patient: If you are in a rush to get home, it can be frustrating to get stuck behind a tractor-trailer. It could cause you to overtake when you are not entirely sure it is safe to do so. Getting it wrong will delay you much more than waiting until the road ahead is clear.
  • Ensure they know you are there: This does not mean honking your horn or flashing your lights at every truck. Rather, avoid sitting in the significant blind spots that each trucker has. Truck drivers cannot see you if you sit under the cab’s nose or tuck in tight behind them. They have a small blind spot to the left of their cab. They have a much larger one to the right, extending the trailer’s length and into the next lane.

If you are in a truck accident, you will need legal representation. You may be facing considerable medical expenses and loss of earnings due to your injuries. Truck drivers can make mistakes when driving. Staying out of their way reduces the chance their errors affect you.



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