The type of injuries you might sustain in a car crash

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Car Accidents

If you get injured in an accident that occurs on a New Jersey road or highway, you may be entitled to compensation. This is generally true if the actions of a negligent driver, automaker or government agency caused the accident. Let’s take a look at the various injuries that commonly occur in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident (MVA).

Whiplash is a common car accident injury

Whiplash is an informal term for what happens to your head and neck at the moment a collision occurs. If you are wearing a safety belt, your head will likely snap backward while your body remains in place during impact. The force of this unnatural motion can result in a stiff neck, broken bones or back pain.

You could experience a concussion or skull fracture

There is a chance that your head could hit the dashboard, center console or other hard surfaces inside of your vehicle. In many cases, you’ll hit these objects with enough force to crack your skull or suffer other types of head injuries. It’s important to note that symptoms of a head injury might not become apparent for hours or days after a crash.

Therefore, it is important to seek medical treatment even if you feel fine immediately after a wreck takes place. Medical records often serve as evidence that your MVA attorney can use to obtain a favorable outcome in a personal injury case.

It is generally in your best interest to speak with an attorney after your involvement in a car accident. Doing so may make it easier to preserve your legal rights and obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings.


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