Spinal injuries and auto accidents

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There were over 275,000 traffic accidents in New Jersey in 2019. Many of those were just fender benders. But over 59,800 injuries related to those crashes were incurred as well. When a machine like a car hits another object or person, there can be serious consequences. If damage to the spine are sustained, that can be truly life-changing.

Complete and incomplete injury

In many auto accidents, there’s an incredible amount of force involved. Even if a vehicle is slowing, impacts at speed are very jarring to the human body. During a collision, the spinal column absorbs much of the impact of the crash. Vertebrae and other structures can be damaged. Fractured vertebrae pose a danger to the health of the spinal cord and may require surgical treatment.

The spinal cord runs through the vertebrae and links with the brain. It relays messages from the brain to the muscles and is key in movement. Spinal cord injuries in auto accidents can be complete, as in paraplegia. Incomplete spinal injuries may not damage the ability to use limbs. But they may lead to changes in strength and sensation.

The impact in an auto collision can also cause less serious injuries. Whiplash happens in the neck, when the head is jerked back and forth quickly. It typically improves in a matter of weeks, provided it’s treated properly. Medications and physical therapy can be used to treat whiplash.

Anyone who has suffered a back injury in a car accident should contact an experienced attorney. The insurance company might offer a settlement. But having a lawyer in your corner may mean getting a better one that covers medical bills and lost wages.


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