The top 4 things you need to know after a New Jersey car crash

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You will have an intense emotional and chemical response to a car crash. You could experience the fight-or-flight response, and you could potentially suffer injuries.

People often feel confused and shaken up right after a motor vehicle collision, which makes it a bad time to make major decisions. However, that is essentially what is expected of you.

You need to take the right steps after a crash to protect yourself, which means you need to know the four things listed below.

Documenting the scene of the crash will protect you

The heavier the flow of traffic on the road where you have your collision, the more likely it is that you will not be able to leave your vehicles in place after the crash. Instead, you will need to move them to allow the flow of traffic to resume. Taking photos or even video footage with your mobile phone before you move your vehicles can capture evidence that could play a major role in your case later.

You typically have a legal obligation to report the crash

It is common for someone involved in a wreck to try to talk the other party out of contacting law enforcement. Drivers with suspended licenses and inactive insurance policies are among those who will likely try to negotiate to keep you from contacting the police. However, if anyone gets injured or if there are substantial property damage issues, state law requires that you notify the police either immediately or in the case of property damage is only, within 10 days of the collision.

The other driver’s insurance may not give you enough protection

New Jersey does have mandatory insurance requirements, but unfortunately, the absolute minimum coverage required for someone with a Basic Policy is quite low. There might be just $5,000 worth of property damage coverage for you to make a claim against, which will force you to consider other options for compensation.

A timely medical evaluation could make all the difference

Your adrenal response could mask the early warning signs of a serious injury. Even if you don’t believe you had a strong biological reaction to the crash, certain serious injuries, like those that involve internal bleeding, may not have immediate symptoms after a crash but require a quick diagnosis for your full recovery. Seeing a doctor soon after a crash can get you the medical care you need and can make it clear that your injuries are the result of the wreck.

Knowing how to act after a car crash in New Jersey will make it easier for you to reduce the long-term impact of that wreck.


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