Dangerous driving is never justified

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Car Accidents

You might not remember much after a car crash. One moment you were happily going along, and the next thing you know, there was a massive impact, the airbag exploded in your face, and you were in agony. When the police ask you what happened, you do not know what to say. The other driver seizes on this to tell the police that the crash was all your fault.

People often try to justify their actions by blaming someone else. Yet, everyone is responsible for their own actions, especially if driving a vehicle.

Drivers need to control their reactions

If a driver is blaming you, it may be their reaction that is the problem. Here are some things a driver may say to blame you for a crash:

  • You were driving too slowly: While going much slower than other vehicles can disrupt traffic flow and frustrate other drivers, there is no excuse for a driver attempting to pass you when it is not safe. If they collide with you or another vehicle while overtaking, they need to accept blame.
  • You slowed down suddenly: Sometimes, you need to slam on the brakes. It could be because the light turns red, a car pulls out a driveway, or a dog wanders into the street. If the driver behind crashes into the back of you, it means they were either too close or not paying enough attention to react in time to your brake lights. Tailgating and distracted driving are both common issues.

Claiming compensation in a vehicle collision can be challenging. It will be even more so if you cannot remember what happened. Having help as you piece together the evidence (and your options) will be crucial to your claim.


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