3 lasting issues caused by scars after a dog bites someone’s face

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When a dog attacks, it can do major damage in a matter of moments. The physical injuries that result can cause issues that persist for years. Especially if a dog causes an injury to someone’s face, there can be long-lasting medical implications for the injuries that they suffer.

Although reconstructive surgery is certainly more accessible now than it was a few decades ago, it’s still expensive. Additionally, there are significant limitations on what plastic surgeons can do with significant scar tissue. While they can help rebuild damaged tissue, they may not be able to completely remove the scarring that results from a bite to the face.

How might the facial scars of a dog bite attack affect someone’s life?

They may require ongoing medical care

If the scar tissue is deep or painful, an individual may need pain relief or a series of procedures to minimize the scar tissue or improve function. Some people may even need physical or speech therapy if the bite causes damage to the musculature of their faces. Children with facial scars may require frequent revision surgeries until they mature and stop physically growing. 

They may notice a change in their career prospects

Humans are very visual animals, which unfortunately means that a facial scar can impact how people interact with someone. A service professional or salesperson, for example, who needs to quickly build a positive rapport with new people, may find that their scar inhibits their job performance.

Even in professions where appearance shouldn’t matter, facial scars might affect what someone earns for compensation or how likely their employer is to promote them to a more visible position.

Scars can have a lasting psychological impact

Many people with facial scars caused by canine attacks endure psychological side effects ranging from depression to anxiety in social environments. Having a prominent scar can affect someone’s mental health in several ways. When you see the scar or when someone asks you about it, you will likely think back to the trauma of the dog bite attack. They may also avoid situations where people will stare or ask questions.

Recognizing that the consequences of a vicious dog bite attack don’t end with your hospitalization might hope you pursue a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim against the animal’s owner.


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