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Don’t let a partygoer spoil your New Year

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Car Accidents

Public holidays have two things in common when it comes to driving. More people than usual make a journey to visit friends or relatives, and more people consume alcohol.

Both can lead to the roads being more dangerous than an average day of the year. Heavy traffic can lead drivers to get frustrated and do stupid things. Anyone taking a long journey may also be more tired at the wheel than usual. As for alcohol – that is a different story altogether.

More people drink a little and drive

Maybe you know someone who rarely drinks at home and never visits the bar. Yet, they might have a glass or two of champagne on special occasions such as birthdays or family gatherings. If they are not used to drinking, it could have a massive effect on how they drive, even if they are still under the limit.

More people drink a lot and drive before the alcohol has worn off

Now for those who like to celebrate in style. New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year for partying. Many follow it with a celebratory meal the next day, often involving alcohol again. Come Sunday and some of those people will have consumed so much alcohol that they will still be over the limit or in a hungover daze.

Impaired driving is irresponsible at any time of year. Yet, good sense can often go by the wayside on public holidays. If someone sets your 2022 off to a lousy start by crashing into you, understanding how to claim compensation for your injuries can help you set it back on course as soon as possible.



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