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How to Be a Safer Driver in Traffic

Law Offices of James M. Curran

If you live in or around Milltown, New Jersey, you’re well aware of the fact that traffic can be heavy at almost any time of the day.

No matter how much experience you have driving in traffic, there’s always a risk that you could suffer an injury in an accident. And for that reason, it’s critical that you understand the tips you can follow to maintain your safety.

Here are five things to do when faced with heavy traffic:

  • Slow down: For example, if you’re in stop and go traffic on the highway, maintain a slower speed until you’re sure of what’s ahead.
  • Increase your following distance: When you follow other vehicles too closely, you don’t have nearly as much time to stop in an emergency situation. Subsequently, the risk of hitting another car in the rear is much greater.
  • Avoid distractions: Many people fall prey to distractions in traffic, as they’re looking for ways to keep busy. This includes everything from daydreaming to texting to having a full-on meal.
  • Find an alternate route: You don’t have to stay on your current route. If you’re familiar with the area, consider an alternate route that has less traffic. Not only will this lower your anxiety level, but it may allow you to reach your destination in a more timely manner.
  • Don’t engage with other drivers: Heavy traffic has a way of bringing out the worst in drivers. Should someone become angry, such as by screaming or cutting you off, keep your cool and stay away from them. Engaging, such as by yelling back, will escalate the situation.

When you follow these five basic tips, you’ll find it easier to maintain your safety when driving in traffic.

If another driver acts in a negligent manner, they increase the risk of causing an accident. If you’re injured in a crash, move to safety and stay in your vehicle until help arrives.

Your health is top priority, so you want to obtain medical treatment at a local hospital. This will help you understand your injuries and treatment plan.

Once you receive treatment, you can review the police report, file an insurance claim and consider other options for obtaining compensation from the person who caused the crash.

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