Personal Injury

The Experience You Need. The Compassionate Approach You Deserve.

Your first priority in finding a lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case is to select someone who knows how to handle these cases and has the resources to see them through.

I am James M. Curran, an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer in Middlesex County with a proven record of results in helping clients recover compensation for their injuries. If you have been seriously injured, I encourage you to contact my office to set up a free initial consultation about your specific situation. Call 732-374-3738.

My Investment In Your Case

A significant personal injury case requires a significant investment of time and money by your lawyer. There are firms that will require you to pay for expensive records, evaluations and reports as your case progresses. These outlays are integral to the building of your case from the onset, and an inability or unwillingness of a lawyer to invest the funding needed to thoroughly build your case could very well undermine the value of your case and keep you from achieving the settlement you deserve.

Under most circumstances, if I undertake your case, I will not ask you to pay for any costs associated with obtaining expensive medical records, reports, vocational or economic loss expert evaluations and reports. These costs will be borne by my firm while building your case, and will only be reimbursed once we obtain the proper settlement or jury verdict after trial.

When looking for a lawyer to handle your or your loved one's injury claim, you want a legal team that will be committed to thoroughly preparing by compiling all documents and reports needed to resolve your case. Your lawyer should have the experience to know when an insurance company's offer simply isn't fair, and have the skills and experience needed to try your case to obtain a fair result.

My Firm Is Here To Help Following Your Accident

I have the skill and experience necessary to try cases to get clients what they are fairly owed. People throughout New Jersey turn to me because I will carefully evaluate each client's legal options while taking into account his or her overall well-being. I am always guided only by what is in my clients' best interests.

The world is full of risks and dangers, yet few people fully realize this until an accident affects them and their families. My firm is here to help if you or a loved one has been injured due to:

With decades of experience, I have culled the top trial experts in their fields to maximize the value of each case. Experts win trials. Experts win cases. I rely on these experts in a wide variety of fields: accident reconstruction, medical, vocational, forensic, liability, economic, computer animation, computer graphics, ice/snow removal, climatological, professional engineers, architects, human factors, and others whose specialized expertise strengthens my clients' claims. Above all, I bring my negotiation and trial skills to every case, along with a sympathetic approach that puts my clients' well-being above everything else.

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James M. Curran offers a free case evaluation, and if he takes on your case, he will only accept attorney's fees if he wins compensation for you. To speak with this Middlesex County accident lawyer, call his Milltown office or send an email.